Finalist and New fellow for World Technology Network

July 2009 - Lufdesign founder Tsunho Wang has finalist and new fellow the World Technology Award (WTA) this year in the category of Design. Other design finalist are Tokujin Yoshioka (Tokujin Yoshioka Design), Branko Lukic (Non-Object), Michael Malmborg (LYX). Ron Nabarro (senior– has won. Other part winners are Mark Zuckerberg (Marketing Communications), Lawrence Lessig (Law) and President Paul Kagame, Republic of Rwanda (Policy).

The World Technology Network in association with Time, Fortune and Science magazines are presented each year to the outstanding innovators of different fields of technology. Tsunho Wang has been nominated by the membership of the World Technology Network which is composed of over 1000 scientists, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, academics, policy makers, etc., and over 200 organizations/companies, spread out over 60 countries. The World Technology results were announced from the stage at the gala World.

Technology Awards ceremony on July 16th at the Time & Life Building in NYC at the conclusion of the two-day (July 15/16) World Technology Summit. Every year the WTA goes to individuals and companies/organizations who are doing the innovative work of “the greatest likely long-term significance” in their fields.

Tsunho Wang has worked on a number of collaborations experimenting with architecture, spaces, interactivity, and the cultural aspects of new technologies. He will bring out green design products which will be put into environmental practice. He quotes, “The most important thing about environment-friendly products is practice which is based on user’s interest and not rules or control by law.” These designs will create new trends.


Ron Nabarro, Senior-Touch ltd.

Branko Lukic, Non-Object
Michael Malmborg, LYX
Tsunho Wang, Lufdesign
Tokujin Yoshioka, Tokujin Yoshioka Design

Yves Behar, Fuse Project
Giorgio Borruso, Giorgio Borruso Design
Alastair Curtis, Nokia
David Fisher, Dynamic Architecture Job
Konstantin Grcic, Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design
Daniel Harden, Whipsaw Inc.
Steven Skov Holt, California College of Arts
Jonathan Ive, Apple
Craig Mackiewicz, SolidThinking
David Rockwell, Rockwell Group
Davin Stowell, Smart Design
Jonas Wannfors, LYX Furniture & Light