Leaf Tie designed by Tsunho Wang, Director of Lufdesign is selected as a finalist for an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).
For 31 years, the International Design Excellence Awards has recognized design excellence in products, sustainability, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts and solidified its position as the preeminent international design competition.

Leaf Tie has been selected by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) as a finalist for the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards. Previous finalists in the Awards include the Apple iPhone and Herman Miller Aeron chair.

IDEA winners will be announced 30th June 2011. The Award ceremony will take place at the Industrial society of Americas international design conference in New Orleans in September 2011.
Details of the International Design Excellence Awards are available on the IDSA website.

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Lufdesign (Tsunho Wang, President) is pleased to announce that the 'Leaf Tie' is the recipient of a 2010 Design for Asia (DFA) Silver Award.

The DFA Awards are organized by the Hong Kong Design Centre with the purpose of raising awareness amongst businesses and the public about the value of good design as an essential component in business success, as well as for a sustainable, higher quality of life for all. This year’s winners were selected from approximately 400 commercial products released in one or more Asian markets by manufacturers from the world over during a period of roughly two years and seven months—from January 1, 2008 to July 31, 2010. From these, winners were selected based on superiority of design, degree of impact on the Asian lifestyle, and commercial success.

As one of the winners for the DFA Award 2010, Leaf Tie has exhibited at the HKTDC Inno Design Tech (IDT) Expo in Honk Kong on 2 – 4 December 2010.

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The Emerald color is sold out and you can purchase them after 3 weeks.

So, we’re going to start to sell other colors while you’re waiting.

A small quantity of Espresso, Reindeer white, Kingfisher, Scarlet and Emerald.

Those colors are also limited volume. Please remember it might be sold out early.

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Leaf Tie

The artificial cables all around us create a more dark and cold environment. The Leaf tie takes the cables and wraps the cables while bringing life to a dull area. It serves the dual purpose of design and efficiency.

The Leaf tie is easy to use. It is simply used in the same manner as the cable-tie. All you have to do is wrap the Leaf Tie around the loose cables. The design of the Leaf tie makes the cables look like wrapped twigs. For young children or people that live in the city that tire from the artificially modern environment, the Leaf tie can for a short while let them experience a hint of nature.

The profits made from this product are used to benefit causes for ecology campaign.