We call it the Wind-bell, which hanging under the roof of building and roof tile. This Wind-bell is made with a small still bell with a pendulum in it. When the wind blows, the wind swing the bell and rings with a clear sound. We exchange a bunch of data and emails every day. I would like to express the flow of data which represent the all new future life style.

Among the many figures in Korean the Wind-bell is made after fishes which are swimming in blue sea.
The clear sound of Wind-bell with the gentle breeze makes people satisfy their desires to feel the nature.
We are living in the flood of data.

My design concept is as follows;
Wind: Data flow
Wind that swings the Wind-bell: Data or message that related to the users
Sound of Wind-bell : Transmission of feedback to the users

There are emerging desires to feel like living in the nature even in man-made living space.
Rather than messages from cold digital equipment, people more want the message from the equipment that enables them to feel the aroma of nature nostalgia.

Beyond presenting the simple informant, the aroma of nature can be felt between PC and user.

The pendulum of Wind-bell rings with clear sound and gives the message that the user has just received the email.
The body of Wind-bell shows the name of sender and the summarized message.

When someone sees the Youtube video clip and he or she posted a reply, then the sound of Wind-bell is heard and the Wind-bell appear on the screen.
The data flow that related to the user is transmitted with a clear sound by swinging Wind-bell, not with a digital sound.

The new flow of information is like an air current. By this unilateral or bilateral air current, people can escape from the digitalized information and fulfill the desire to be out of civilization.

The more the digital technology develops quickly, the more people look for the analogue factors. Thus, it is important to make the living space as similar to nature.

The representation of Wind-bell transforms the monotonous PC and digital information into romantic information which contain the naturalism.