ECORD is a compound word of Economy and Electric cord which has significance of ‘Eco-Design’.
ECORD protects environment by efficiently reducing energy waste due to the ‘Standby Power’. ECORD is designed environment-friendly, and is competitive product with its function and quality.

If there is a leaking tap, anyone would like to close it. In the same way, if there is leaking electric power, anyone would like to cut it off. However, unfortunately, we do not even notice the leaking, or wasted energy due to standby power, because we cannot see, or hear it.

An ordinary electric cord that we can see everyday is simply regarded as a connecting device for transferring electric power.
It seems to have no particular function and just left on the floor.
However electric cord has been, and will be necessary for carrying electric power for a long time.
Invention of ECORD is started from the idea to utilize the PVC-covered surface of electric cord by implementing some clever technology to feedback users with information about such as power waste, overload.

ECORD makes users aware of their standby power waste by display current flow, and therefore helps them to cut down the leak.

ECORD has a patterned new composition on its PVC covering. This composition stays invisible, but appears when the specific range (From 1 to 15W) of current is provided. If there is any loss due to standby power, the pattern (or any graphics made of the composition) appears on the ECORD surface, therefore users are easily able to notice it. Any information of unusual current, such as overload can be provided in the same way.

Using ECORD in not merely using electric cord, but saving environment, and further, saving the earth by reducing energy consumption.

Many countries are trying to cut down the standby power by encouraging people to pull out their plug, or turn off multi-tab, which is very inconvenient, and even bothersome. However, if any electric device is plugged on, energy waste due to standby power will be continued.
To eliminate this inconvenience, ECORD is equipped on-off switch on it plug.