Just like a toy propeller, we make ‘Flying STICK’ flying by our hands.
We put the ‘Flying STICK’ between the palm of the hand and rub our hands, then ‘Flying STICK’ flies in the sky with the spin.
Most people who see the flying ‘Flying STICK’ want to catch the ‘Flying STICK’.
So they probably run and jump to catch it.
‘Flying STICK’ has a camera at the bottom of the body.
It can take a picture through being in the sky.
‘Flying STICK’ continuous takes a photograph from beginning to fly to landing in hand.
We discover our pure and natural smile using the ‘Flying STICK’.

People usually get stiff when they take pictures.
‘CHEESE’ or ‘3,2,,,,,1’ make people more and more stiff but ‘Flying STICK’ doesn’t need to have any signs.
‘Flying STICK’ continuous takes a photograph through being in the sky.
People can’t touch the ‘Flying STICK’ when it is on the air, namely ‘Flying STICK’ takes a picture by itself.
People can’t know when the shutter is pressed.
They just run and jump to hold the ‘Flying STICK’.
At that moment, we can get the most natural pictures.

Find your natural and pure childhood by the Flying STICK.