Lufdesign was made for a planning design company in order to support a product development in 2002. Recently, he brought new technology and product ideas through C&D (Connect + Develop) strategies and not R&D. Nilfish, lufdesign’s brand, is developing products through collaboration with rising designers from outside. Designers persistently create products and accentuate circulation in order to find an effective system that suits them.

Tsunho Wang is now seeking to find the new access of Brand and Branding. At the same time, he is researching into conceptual approach which is sustainable innovation.

He will bring out green design products which will be put into environmental practice. He quotes, “The most important thing about environment-friendly products is practice which is based on user’s interest and not rules or control by law.” These designs will create new trends.

Lufdesign is well-known for making teamwork a crucial aspect during work, building a stronger bond along Tsunho and his peers. This enables them to freely exchange various ideas without concern. Not only do they care about designing, however concern about cooperation along marketers, engineers and distributors in order to create high quality products.

Tsunho Wang believes people concentrate on ‘Human behavior.’
Nonmaterial digital culture is a trend and now part of the environment. It is a good experiment to humans who did every material way of approach and to people who are used to seeing what they can see. They can approach material or nonmaterial and reality or imagination.

2010 Design for Asia (DFA) / Silver Award
2009 The World Technology Summit & Awards 2009 / Finalist and New fellow
2009 Red dot design Award Concept / Winner
2008 Red dot design Award Concept / Winner
2008 48-Hour Inclusive design Challenge (Hong Kong)_British Council, Royal College of Art
2008 IDEA Award Concept / Gold
2008 IDEA Award Concept / Finalist
2008 IF Concept Award Concept / Best Prize
2008 IF Concept Award Concept / Honorable Recognition
2007 Seoul Designweek 2007 / Rising Designers selection
2007 Samsung/Intel Design PC Competition Design PC / Grand Prize of the Jury
2007 Red dot design Award Concept / Winner