Hello, everyone. This is Lufdesign by Tsunho Wang.

There were 5000 people visited in one single day and a lot of people sent us e-mail
asking us how to buy this product.

Actually, we weren’t planned to distribute this product until we find the right distributor
but since a lot of people demanded to buy our products so we decided to ship them
directly through the airmail.

Since we don’t have enough products yet, it might sell out very soon,
but we will keep making the products as fast as we can so that we don’t keep you waiting.

Thank you very much

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Olive Green


Reindeer White



Thank you for your lovely interests.

Today, we start to sell re-produced emerald color of Leaf tie.
The new emerald color has renewal package.
You can order it from now.

We make the additional option about shipping.
The basic option of shipping takes long time.
All items will be shipped to you from Korea by ePost airmail. (No Tracking number will be provided)

So, we make EMS(Express Mail Service) option.
Buyers can pay extra charge for upgrading shipping to EMS.
Optional express mail service is offered.

EMS takes 3~5 days and will be provided the tracking number.

Many thanks,

If you Korean, Now it’s also available through the designtag Web site. Click Here.
한국에 거주하고 계신 분들은 designtag 웹사이트에서도 구입 가능하십니다. 여기를 눌러주세요.

Please visit our new website.



Extra charge for upgrading shipping